As part of our commitment to creating quality; maintainable solutions, Red Black Tree LLC develops open-source tools. To give some examples of the quality we produce and as a resource to the development community we have collected some of our projects here.

Symfony2/Doctrine Report Builder

This bundle adds a dynamic reporting engine to your Symfony2/Doctrine project More +

Symfony2 DataTables

DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery javascript library that adds advanced interactions to a html table. Red Black Tree developers have created a Symfony2 bundle that bridges the gap between the database (doctrine) and the view in DataTables. More +

DataTables Generator

To make implementation easier, we have created an extension of the Sensio Generator Bundle for DataTables. It basically overrides the generator so that it will create a DataTables implementation for the index page instead of the standard list. More +

Test Extension

We love unit testing and use PHPUnit and the Phake mocking library for our testing. However there was some testing functionality that we used over and over again in many of our tests. To make life easier we are extracting this to it's own library and making it available to everyone. More +